Awards and Recognition

The RMTAO receives a great deal of support from its members in the many areas in which the Association operates. Without these valuable contributions, the RMTAO would not be able to offer the kinds of services that it does, nor would it be able to have as much influence within the profession and the health care community. The RMTAO Awards and Recognition program is designed to recognize the many RMTs that make outstanding contributions to the profession and the Association, volunteer their time, and demonstrate leadership. Nominations open every November after the call for nominations is sent out. Award recipients are honored at the Education Conference, or in years where there is not an Education Conference, at our Member Recognition Dinner.

RMT of the Year Award in Remembrance of Ken Rezsnyak

The Ken Rezsnyak RMT of the Year award will be bestowed annually to a member who embodies the true meaning of the profession in addition to going above and beyond for the betterment of the profession.

Professional Service Award

The Professional Service Award is presented to an RMT or a group of RMTs in Ontario in recognition of service to the profession through strong leadership that goes above and beyond in the areas of integrity, professionalism, innovation, advocacy, accountability and communication.

Research Award

The Research Award is given to a Massage Therapist in Canada who demonstrates leadership and encourages and participates in research which has a positive impact on the profession.

Educator of the Year

The Educator of the Year Award recognizes an individual with a history of academic excellence. The award acknowledges Registered Massage Therapists who are academic or clinical educators (teaching/supervising) in Ontario. The nominees of this award should promote professionalism, excellence in learning, provide innovative teaching techniques, go over and above the normal requirements of an educator and celebrate in the successes of their students.

Honorary Membership Award

An Honorary Membership is awarded to individuals who have made distinctive and exceptional contributions to the objectives of the Association and/or the practice of massage therapy in the province of Ontario.