Massage Therapy Patient Experiences

Massage Therapy Patient Experience Videos

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The videos below highlight the experiences of different patients with massage therapy. These patients tell us about how massage therapy is essential to help them continue in the activities they love. 

Meet Sam:

Sam is an industrial climber (think rock climbing but in an industrial setting), and his work puts a lot of strain on his hips, back and neck. In his spare time, Sam is a semi professional acoustic fingerstyle guitarist and his hobby puts additional strain on his hands. Sam tells us about how massage therapy helps him keep working and helps him keep playing the guitar, without pain.

Meet Karen: 

Karen teaches fitness classes, including a spin class on Saturday mornings, and she regularly rides her bike and she runs. That means she expects a lot out of her body. She tells us about how massage therapy is essential in helping her maintain her active lifestyle.

The RMTAO will continue to create additional videos highlight patient stories in the coming year, and they will be uploaded to this page once completed. If you have a patient who you think would like to be featured in this sort of video, contact the RMTAO at